Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

I learned about the Amazon Future Engineer Program from two directions last week.

The first was an email from our department chair with information about what the program can do for teachers trying to get AP computer science started in their school.

Second was from students applying for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, and that’s why this post is here.

The scholarship is a $10,000 award for students that are planning on majoring in computer science and have taken either Computer Science AP-A or AP-Principles, or both. It’s also targeting students who are part of “communities currently underrepresented in tech.” That appears to be part of the overall goal of the Future Engineer program in trying to increase opportunities in computer science for underrepresented groups.

For more information on the scholarship, head to their site at and then scroll down to the section on scholarships. Or you can go directly to the application.

Be quick though. Applications close on 2019-01-31. Newsletter

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