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Like every year, Trevor Packer sent out tweets updating everyone on AP exam grading and how it went overall. AP_Trevor is a good account to follow if you’re teaching or taking an AP course.

That’s a really big growth in both. CSP is new, so it makes sense that it would have a pretty big jump. Our district didn’t start offering CSP until last year, so we were part of that jump.

7% is pretty big for APA as well, considering how long the course has been around. Especially since there are so many taking the Principles course. I’m a little surprised that adding CSP didn’t seem to affect the APA numbers.

This tweet is always my favorite, but only after I see my students’ results. It gives a quick indicator of how they did on the test. If my students’ percentages are better, we had a good year. And we did have a good year last year.  5: 39%, 4: 34%, 3: 17%, 2: 4%, 1: 4%.

Two awesome numbers in this one. 66,000 is a ton of students taking the test.

And 166 is a huge number of perfect scores. Not on a percentage, but comparing it to other exams.

OOP is probably the hardest topic for me to figure out where to place during the year. Too early and it makes absolutely no sense to students. Too late we don’t spend enough time working to get fluent.

A few years ago I started giving students a huge bank of multiple choice questions to do as drill and kill practice, and it’s made a huge difference. The first year multiple choice averages went up 0.75 points on the AP exam. (The how of that is probably a good idea for a future post)

My students liked the Frog question. We spend the first 6 or 8 days in Jeroo, and they were excited that one of the FRQs basically had them implement a Jeroo.

ArrayLists are always a tough subject. That’s why we spend so much time on them every year. Haven’t seen my instructor’s report yet, so I’m not sure how my crew did on this one. But I’m hoping they did well. Newsletter

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