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Teaching has been moving outside of the classroom for several years now. With online tools like Canvas and Moodle making it easy to setup online classrooms our students can now access their courses anywhere and at any time.  Even for those of us teaching face to face classes this movement online, and all of the web based tools that have come along with the shift, can our students get more out of working with us.

My classes are all face to face. Over the past few years though I’ve been including more and more online resources that students can access from anywhere. And I really thing that it’s been beneficial to a point where I really consider my classes blended now instead of fully face to face.

Online Tools Series

The plan is to start a series of posts, which will be listed on the bottom of this page, on the different online tools that I’ve found and use. Some I use heavily. Some, not so much. But I do want to start with those that I have experience with.

Eventually though, I’d like to expand this series to include other tools that work well for other computer science teachers, even if those tools are not CompSci specific. So if one of your favorite online tools is missing, please let me know in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for new toys to play with.

In this series

As teaching moves beyond the classroom, there are dozens of online tools to use. Here are a few that I use teaching computer science.
CodingBat is a simple, but incredibly useful website for your students to practice coding.
You're probably already using YouTube in the classroom. What are you using it for?
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