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I’ve probably Googled “printable graph paper” 25 or 30 times this year looking for graph paper for my students to use in class. It seems like a good indication that I probably should start saving links to those websites so I don’t have to search around every time.

Below you’ll find links to sites that have printable graph paper available as PDFs. Some are just plain PDFs ready to download, some let you customize your download.

With a domain like, it’s bound to have what you’re looking for.

This one is usually where I end up when I need to print graph paper. Instead of just linking out to a bunch of PDFs you can pick which type of graph paper you want. The pages are available in different paper sizes and you can customize the layout a bit.

Waterproof Paper

I came across this site when I needed isometric graph paper for a student group working on a game. They do have quite a few papers that aren’t just a grid, like triangular and polar graph paper as well.

Printable Graph Paper

This site has quite a few different files available as well. Unique to this one is the logarithmic paper that I haven’t found anywhere else.

It’s also got a virtual graph paper tool.

And, this one has PDFs available up to 24×36 inches and movie poster size. Of course, you’d have to figure out where to get them printed.


This one isn’t just for their graph paper, although they do have PDFs available.

Rocketbook has an app available for Android and iPhone that lets you take a picture of the specially formatted paper and it’ll upload pretty much where ever you want. I’ve got it set so I can upload it to either Google Drive, Evernote, or send as an email. But there are other options as well.

If you end up using Rocketbook heavily, you’ll probably want to take a look at all of their notepads and other products. The Rocketbook beacons look like an especially cool way to save whiteboard work.

What’d I Miss?

This is going to be a growing page as I come across other sites where you can find printable graph paper. What’s your favorite place to find graph paper PDFs? What sites did I miss? Let me know in the comments below. Newsletter

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