Python print without line breaks

I was working on a pseudocode test bank and got caught with one of the differences between Java and Python.

One of the questions was something like this.

x = 3
loop while x < 10
  print x + " "

The expected answer 3 6 9 has the values concatenated. It’s just easier that way when dealing with online testing in Canvas or Moodle.

In Python 2 I could use print x, and the trailing comma would take care of not inserting a line break, although it still inserted a trailing space which wasn’t ideal.

Thanks to Stack Overflow I found the solution. There’s an optional parameter called end in the print method that lets you control the trailing characters. So you just do this.

x = 3
while x < 10:
   print(str(x) + " ", end = '')

Guess I could have searched through the Python documentation for print. But Google brought me to SO first.

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