Roku killing my wi-fi

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For the past few months I’ve noticed that the wi-fi at my house screeches to a halt every now and then. Up until now I’ve just shrugged it off as a side effect of the dozen or so access points that are visible around my house.

Last weekend though I got tired of it and started experimenting.

The Cause

What I narrowed it down to was the Roku in my kids’ playroom. Every time they were watching a show on the Roku, internet everywhere else was painfully slow. I went in and stopped the Roku and connections went back to normal.

Google tells me that the enhanced Roku remote uses wi-fi and that there are a lot of people having similar issues.

The Fix

Since my notebook doesn’t have a 5gHz wi-fi adapter, and the Roku does, I switched the Roku to the 5gHz network. Started streaming a show and there weren’t any slowdowns. And the Roku still worked just like it should.

Of course it’s only been about 48 hours since I made the switch, so I guess time will tell whether this is a permanent fix. The real fix would probably to get a better wi-fi adapter. But this seems to be working for now. Newsletter

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