Trying out Stitch Fix

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try out Stitch Fix. Basically I got tired of wearing the same basic khaki pants and a short sleeved, blue, plaid shirt.

Stitch Fix is something I wasn’t familiar with, although apparently there are quite a few companies that do this for women’s clothing.  Men’s clothing seems a little more rare, although I did find a few other similar companies. Basically you fill out a style questionnaire and they’ll pick clothing for you. In Stitch Fix’s case, it’s 5 items each shipment. 

I signed up to get a shipment every 2 months, although the frequency can be more or less often. I think they’ll even do one off orders for specific occasions.

As part of the sign up I listed that I was a teacher, needed clothes that I could move around in, and stuff that needed to come out of the dryer relatively ready to wear. Clothing that requires ironing tends to get relegated to the back of the closet.

And they did fairly well. One shirt looks exactly like something I would have bought. Two don’t, but I liked them. Not shirts I would have picked, but ones that I’ll wear. And a comfortable pair of active pants, which look like they’ll work really well moving around the classroom. And last were some colorful socks, which is something I was pretty specific on.

Supposedly their styling gets better as you leave feedback on what they’ve sent you. During checkout you get to leave notes on the fit, style, quality, and cost for each item.

So they did well on their first shipment. We’ll see how the next one does.

If you’re interested, you can find their site at They also have women’s clothing, although I really can’t comment on that. Newsletter

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