Virtual Desktop Manager

Possibly the best feature added in Windows 10 was the ability to have multiple desktops. I’d been a bit jealous of Mac and Linux users, but never enough to go and download a virtual desktop program for Windows. But now, it’s built in.


Virtual desktops are handy, but having to click on the icon to switch desktops was more effort than I wanted. Yeah, I understand how lazy that sounds. But I’m not a mouse person. If there’s a keystroke to do something I’m probably going to use it. And there are…

  • Ctrl-Windows-Left Arrow – Cycles to previous desktop
  • Ctrl-Windows-Right Arrow – Cycles to next desktop


Virtual Desktop Manager

There are dozens of desktop managers out there. But I wanted something simple that would just let me know what desktop I was one. And I found it on GitHub. All Virtual Desktop Manager does is add a tray icon that tells you what desktop you’re on.

Virtual Desktop Manager Tray Icon

Okay, it does a little more than that. But a quick view of what desktop I’m on is all I was after. Newsletter

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