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Howdy, and welcome to the first weekly roundup on CompSci.rocks. The plan is to post weekly with a list of articles from around the web that I find, and hope y’all will find them interesting.

Remind and Verizon

If you’re a Remind user, you’ve probably already heard. Remind is going to stop sending SMS messages to Verizon users because of a new fee that Verizon is charging. It won’t affect users that receive messages on their phones through the Remind app.

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What The LA Teacher Strike Means For The Nation

It’s tough to miss 30,000 teachers out on strike. Yes, it’s a major deal for the nations second largest school district. But what does it mean for everyone outside of Los Angeles?

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How ‘Micro-Internships’ Could Make All Types of Students More Employable

Between all of their other commitments do your students struggle to find time for internships? Turns out short “micro” internships are beneficial as well.

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Social Media is Increasing Anxiety & Depression

For all the benefits of social media and our always connected lives, there are downsides. And it appears that it’s even worse for girls.

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The Importance of Parental Involvement for Student Success

As a teacher, you already know that involved parents help with student success. This article goes the other direction and gives parents tips on what they should, and should not, do when teaming up with their child’s school.

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