Best AP Exam Study Books

There are some amazing computer science teachers out there. Many of you are prepared for the AP exam in May, but might just want a little extra help. Sometimes a different voice helps with a concept that you might just not quite understand.

So, for those of y’all that might want just a touch more help to understand AP Computer Science concepts, or are looking for something to connect all the dots we’ve put together this list of AP Computer Science study guides. Most you probably have seen or heard of, but there might something in here new to you.

5 Steps to a 5

The 5 steps series is a newer set of review books, but does a great job of covering what you need to know for the exam along with tips on preparing and taking the test.

5 Steps to a 5 is a newer member of the AP Computer Science review book family, but from what students have told me it’s a great book.

As a teacher, my favorite part is that it helps you put together a plan to review for the exam. Most study guides go through content, and all the ones on this page do a good job of that. But this seems to understand that you’re not preparing for the exam in a vacuum and helps with more than just the content. Although, it does do a great job with content. And the writing has a more personal and friendly feel than some other options.


PublisherMcGraw Hill

Barron's AP Computer Science A

Now in its 10th edition, the Barron's Computer Science AP preparation book has helped thousands of students prepare for the AP Computer Science exam.

Barron’s is the granddaddy of AP preparation material. Every year their characteristic green books take over school hallways as students prepare for AP exams.

This version, the 10th edition premium version, comes with 3 full practice tests in the book plus access to 3 more full practice exams online.


PublisherBarron's Educational Services

Barron's AP CompSci Flash Cards

425 flash cards to help you get ready for the AP exam

If you’re a flash card fan, Barron’s has you covered with this set of 425 flash cards to help you prepare for the AP exam. Each card has a term or concept on one side and an explanation on the reverse.


PublisherBarron's Educational Services

Princeton Review CompSci AP Exam Study Guide

Princeton Review is another series of review books that's been around a long time

It doesn’t have quite the history of Barron’s, but Princeton Review has been publishing review material for AP exams for quite a while.

This book includes 4 full length practice exams with explanations.


PublisherPrinceton Review
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