AP Computer Science Free Response Solutions

Every year, two days after the AP Computer Science exam, College Board releases the free response questions. And every year computer science teachers around the country dig through the questions and come up with solutions of their own.

I’m a bit mixed on posting these. Having solutions publicly available online means that students can find working solutions without doing the work. But, having solutions to look at also serves a function in learning. And since there are dozens of sites with working solutions already, I’m going to go ahead and post my solutions here. I’ve got solutions going back to 2004 when the AP test switched to Java, but they’re not all here yet. As I type up explanations they’ll show up here.









And a quick note. I’m not putting any of the GridWorld problems here. I actually sort of miss GridWorld, but since it’s not part of the exam anymore it didn’t make sense to post any of the solutions here.