WordPair Solution

WordPairList has you work with an ArrayList of WordPair objects.

Part A

For part A you implemented a constructor that went through an array of strings. Each element of the array was paired up with each element that followed to create an ArrayList of WordPair references.

For example, if words contained ["hi", "there", "bob", "smith"] you would fill allPairs with ["hi", "there"], ["hi", "bob"], ["hi", "smith"], ["there", "bob"], ["there", "smith"], ["bob", "smith"].

The way I solved this was with a nested loop. The first loop takes you from 0 to the end. The second starts one to the right of the first and goes to the end.

public WordPairList(String[] words) {
    allPairs = new ArrayList<>();
    for (int i=0; i<words.length; i++) {
        for (x=i+1; x<words.length; x++) {
            allPairs.add(new WordPair(words[i], words[x]));

Part B

In part B you needed to count how many WordPair references in allPairs contained the same first and second word. It’s checking that you know how to iterate through an ArrayList, that you can get a single object out of the list, and that you know to used the equals method instead of == on strings.

public int numMatches() {
    int cnt = 0;
    for (WordPair wp: allPairs) {
        if (wp.getFirst().equals(wp.getSecond())) {
    return cnt; 
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