helloName Solution

For this CodingBat problem you were given a string name and tasked to return a string with the form "Hello name!", so if name was Bob your method should return "Hello Bob!".


helloName("Bob") => "Hello Bob!"
helloName("Alice") => "Hello Alice!"
helloName("X") => "Hello X!"

Starter Code

public String helloName(String name) {



public String helloName(String name) {
    return "Hello " + name + "!";

This is the shortest solution, concatenating the string "Hello " with the string name and the string "!" on a single line.

But, you can also create an intermediate local variable to hold the concatenation and return that.

public String helloName(String name) {
    String st = "Hello " + name + "!";
    return st;

Functionally the two are the same. They both return the same string, and are both correct. I do find that, especially earlier in the year, students find the second solution more clear because it separates out the two tasks.

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