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What do I need on my final?

What do I need to make on my final? That’s the question going through most students heads as we enter final exam season. Have a final exam coming up? Looking for a final grade calculator to check what you need to get on your exam to keep a grade you’re happy with?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is the final grade calculator that you’re looking for. Enter your current grade, the grade you want for the semester, and the weight of the final exam. Press the calculate button and let your computer give you the answer.

Final Grade Calculator




What do I need to make on my final?

If you’d rather do the math yourself, here’s the formula that this final grade calculator uses.

Sample Final Grade Calculation

So, let’s look at the default values. You’ve got a 90%, want to score at least 89.5% for the semester to round up to a 90% and your final is worth 25% of your semester average.

Final Grade Calculator Example

There you go. You need to score an 88% on your final exam to keep your 90 average.

Now you can go back and fill in your actual values and figure out what grade you need to get on your final. Of course there’s a calculator at the top of this page, so why bother doing it yourself?


If your students are asking you what they need to make on their final exams, and I would guess they probably are, you can use this calculator or just give them the link and let them get their own answers. Or, you can just give them the formula above and let them work it out.

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