How to link to a specific page in a PDF

Between class and this website it’s pretty common that I need to link to a specific page in an online PDF. Turns out, it’s pretty easy.

Let’s say you’re linking to this PDF.

But it’s a really big file, and you want to directly link to page number 10. You would just add #page=10 to the end of the link like this.

And that’s it, with a couple of snags to keep in mind.

First one is you can’t add the #page=? to a page you’ve already loaded. It only works the first time when you follow a link. Not a big deal, but the first time I was playing around with it caught me off guard.

And the other is you’re linking to the page in the document, which doesn’t necessarily match the page number printed on the document. The 10 in the screenshot below is the number you want.

PDF Page Screenshot

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